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On a Monday with Mrs Crowther & Mr Purcell we have a music assembly. We do lots of singing which we really enjoy and also learn about music.


monday- Celebration

On a Mondy afternoon with Mrs Kenworthy, we celebrate the achievements of the previous week. We show off what we have done and we get the chance to celebrate the work and achievements of our Stars of the Week! Parents and Friends of Clough Head School are always welcome to join us for our Celebration Assemblies.

Tuesday - story

On a Tuesday with Miss Travis or Mr Hirsch, we listen to a story. The children really enjoy getting into the story and look forward to the next chapter each week.

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Wednesday - British Values, Special people, RELIGIONS AND CULTURES

On a Wednesday with Mrs Cooper we learn about a wide range of religions. We discuss the differences and similarities between different religions. We also learn about British Values and the understanding of what it means to be British. Finally we learn about special people withiin our world and the impact they have made to us.

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On a Friday we all gather in the hall, pupils and staff. We dance to lots of different music and try to follow the moves on 'Just Dance'. We love to have a Boogie!!

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