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Teaching Art and design

We teach art and design according to the National Curriculum objectives for Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 with Early Years following the EYFS Curriculum and covering art through 'Expressive arts and design'. 


We teach themes across each half term, where pupils study themes such as 'Who was Rosa Parks?' and 'Where are you Katie Morag?'. Within these themes are the discrete subjects of history, geography, art and such. 

Evidence of our themes can be seen for each class by following the parents, curriculum tab above or clicking on the links below:

Class 1

Class 2 

Class 3

Key Documents

Click here for progression documents showing what will be covered in art and design in each class.

Click here to be redirected to the art and design Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 National Curriculum. 



We have identified that within the National Curriculum guidance for art are the following strands: Media (2D), Craft (3D), Gathering Ideas (History of Art), Drawing. We feel that these are essential areas to cover in each year group and you will see these strands thread themselves through our curriculum maps to ensure that across a year all these areas of the NC for art and design are covered.

Knowledge, Skills and Experiences Progression 

We also have knowledge, skills and progression documents of what should be taught within the subject of art and design in each class so that staff, pupils and parents are aware of what needs to be covered, what has come before and what will follow in the next phase of their artisitic learning. These documents are essential for staff in planning and preparing lessons to ensure all children make progress within geography both across a lesson and through each year. This will result in pupils securing the Key Stage 2 art and design outcomes by the end of their education with us at school. 

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