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Assessment at Clough Head

In September 2015 the Department for Education entrusted schools with developing their own way of assessing children in the primary phase. With this move the government phased out the standardised levels, which had been in place for many years, and gave the schools the power to design a system that worked for their pupils.

In the Heights Federation, after much discussion and research, we decided to use a 7 point scale, assessment system. This new system has allowed the staff, children and parents to adapt to life without levels. However, we have streamlined this even further- starting in Septemeber 2019- we have moved to be in line with the national terminology. 

Parents will now be informed at Parents Evenings, interim reports and end of year reports whether or not their child is on track to acheive one of 3 strands:

WTS- Working towards the year group standard

EXS- At the year group's expected standard

GDS- At greater than the year group's expected standard

This will help parents to see clearly where their child is, with staff having regular discussions with parents, Senior managers and each other on how to continue to move pupils forward.

Note: Please be aware- a pupil who is on track to meet the expected standard in September and is still at the expected standard at the end of the year has made the correct progress. This would mean that they have learnt all of the aspects of that Year group's curriculum within that academic year. 

To ensure the children within our care are making the progress expected we, as a school have tracking systems. We may test the children from time to time- but our assessment system is not based around testing, we believe in getting to know the pupils and judging them on more than just a test.

Please take a look at our assessment powerpoint below- it has all of the key information on what assessment is at the Heights Federation.

If you would like anymore information on the assessment system, please do not hesitate to make an appointment with Miss Walton..



Assessment in the Early Years is seperate from the Key Stage 1 and 2 system.

In the Early Years we use the Early Learning Goals to track pupils progress. In September 2015 we took part in the first batch of Baseline assessments for pupils entering EYFS. Using this and our assessment system, we will be able to give a clear indication of progress to parents and stakeholders throughout the year.

Please do not hestitate to contact Miss Walton, the Federation EYFS Coordinator, if you have any questions about this system.

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