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Reading at Clough Head



Here at Clough Head reading is one of our passions we strongly believe that every child is a reader. We all see reading a fundamental skill for life but it is also the key to opening many doors; it can take you beyond your wildest imagination. Reading develops the mind allowing us to discover new things and share ideas, as well as developing our imagination and creativity. Books develop and nourish children’s imaginations, expanding their worlds and we want our children to experience the power and importance of reading. We aim for our children have a thirst for knowledge from books and we want for them to be actively engaged in reading for pleasure.


Developing a love of literature and language and also seeing its importance as a tool to master, is integral in our curriculum. Books are celebrated and used effectively across the school as our whole curriculum is built around books. Our teachers talk passionately about books and reading experiences with our children and they are being exposed to a wide range of text. Each classroom has an attractive but purposeful reading area.


We aim for all our children to read with a confidence, fluency and understanding that ensures a lifetime of enjoyment through reading. All readers are seen as unique and individual and receive support where necessary to access reading material at an age appropriate level, regardless of their individual needs. Our vision is for every child to be able to use their wide range of reading skills to ensure their understanding and learning across the curriculum and beyond. We want children to enjoy reading a wide range of different books – fiction and non-fiction – and talk enthusiastically about books and authors. Clough Head readers choose to read for pleasure.

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