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E Safety Guidance


E Safety is a essential part of our safeguarding policies and our commitment to making sure that children are safe at all times in and outside of school.


If at any time you feel that the filters within school or have any queries or worries about the filters you have at home on any device please follow the link below and they will respond/help you ASAP.



The following website is also recommended as an excellent read for those of you who are worried about your children's use of technology.


Our E Safety policy is curently being updated and will be live on here very shortly.

If you have any queries, with regards E Safety do not hesistate to ask any of the staff in school who will be more than happy to help you with these matters.

E Safety Update from Kirklees

Oovoo App


This is a web chat App which is possibly being used for grooming activity. The App allows young people to chat using webcams in a group. Young people have reported adult strangers joining their groups and talking to them inappropriately. Occasionally children have been lured into one to one webcam chats with adult strangers who have talked to them inappropriately.


Instagram self-harm content


This App is best known as a way of sharing photographs easily with friends. However teachers and parents need to be raising awareness of the concerning imagery which has recently been brought to our attention. This has included young people posting selfies on Instagram involving self-harm and eating disorders. These are easy to find by doing a hashtag search. Young people from a school in Kirklees have reported an Instagram account mr_happy.3 which contains many self-harm images. The account holder has been sending private messages out asking young people to harm themselves and telling them the sender knows where they live. The national SWGfL eSafety Helpdesk has had reports about this page and they are currently working to block it. It is possible to block individual users on Instagram, however the hashtag search will still work and it is not possible to stop children finding offensive content.


Similar content around self-harm is also accessible on the Tumblr blogging website. The majority of offensive content on Social Networking websites cannot be dealt with by police in the UK as it is hosted overseas- Please be vigilent with your children.

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