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Admission Arrangements


Pupils with special educational needs will be admitted to the three schools within the Heights Federation in line with the school’s admissions policy.  Each school is aware of the statutory requirements of the Children and Families Act 2014 and will meet the Act’s requirements. Each school will use their induction meetings to work closely with parents to ascertain whether a child has been identified as having, or possibly having special educational needs. In the case of a pupil joining the school from another school, the new school will seek to ascertain from parents whether the child has special education needs and will access previous records as quickly as possible. If the school is alerted to the fact that a child may have a difficulty in learning they will make their best endeavors to collect all relevant information and plan a relevant differentiated curriculum. The Admissions policy is available upon request.

When a pupil transfers to another school, transfer documents, including full records of their special educational needs, will be sent to the receiving school. On transfer to secondary school the Year 6 teacher and SENCO will meet with the SENCO of the receiving school to discuss SEN records and the needs of the individual pupils.  An invitation will be issued for a representative of the receiving school to attend the transition review meeting held in Year 6.

Below is a link to Kirklees Admissions for further guidance.


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