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Talk Like a Pirate Day

Wow! What a fab time our Class 1 children had on Monday for our Talk Like a Pirate Day! The children looked great in their dressing up costumes and it fitted our theme of Treasure in school perfectly.

Walking the Plank!

Our children had equipment set up in the hall to practise walking the plank and trying out being a real pirate for the day.


Counting Socks

Miss Walton set up a washing line in the classroom and the children in Year 1 were counting the pirate's smelly socks! They had a go at counting the pairs of socks in 2s. Great maths work Class 1!

Following Instructions

The children played a game of Climb the Rigging and had to follow the instructions given by Miss Walton. They did lots of pirate actions like scrubbing the decks and saluting the captain.

Decorating Parrots

Some children selected parrot pictures to colour and add materials to helping them develop fine motor skills oooo arrr!!!

Continuous Provision

Children had access to a range of continuous provision activities such as the water tray and sand tray. They looked at treasure maps and followed directions.

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