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Recommended Reading

Here at Clough Head School we love reading. We believe that reading opens doors for children. We believe passionately in building the phonetic skills for reading from the minute children start with us in reception. We know that as parents you will have done much of the ground work for us in reading to your child as a baby and toddler. We cannot underestimate the importance of reading to children and with children of ALL AGES.  Once children have begun the reading journey they still need us to read to them so that they can listen to books for pleasure and hear correct intonation in voices and concentrate on the plot rather than having to work hard on the decoding of invidiual words. We have put together a recommended reading list for children in each class of the books we feel your children should read and hear read to them before they move to the next class. These are classic books and stories and range of authors covering a range of topics. If you would like further guidance please call into school and speak to either your child's class teacher or Mrs Wood our literacy coordinator who will be happy to help.

There will be prizes and rewards for children completing the whole reading list and small sections such as columns and rows. It's not a race but a guide for reading pleasure. All the books on the list can be found in your child's classroom book case or book basket.

Reading newsletter

To check out our latest reading newsletters, featuring a message from an author and lots of recommended reads from staff and pupils in school, open the document attached below. 


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